Who We Are

Ten Peaks Partners is a registered investment advisor and fee only fiduciary. Our investments are designed to preserve and grow our client capital. We bring perspective and objectivity to a global portfolio of traditional and alternative investments.


Who We Serve

Our firm is a trusted partner to many institutional, corporate and individual investors. We provide access to world class investment services within a boutique service model. 

Our Difference

When you hire Ten Peaks Partners, you hire a fiduciary committed to evidence based investment management. Our deep network of professionals at world class organizations are committed to creating the best outcomes possible for our clients. 

Our Research

Studies show that investors are their own worst enemies. Most investment underperformance is due to behavioral tendencies that are fundamental to every individual. Being aware of certain behaviors is the first step. More importantly, research shows both professionals and amateur investors improve performance when they utilize long term evidence based professional advice. This is where we start. 



In a world where exclusivity is hard to find we provide access to truly unique investment opportunities.




We bring the latest technology for leading investment insights and ease of use.


Our philosophy is defined by our constant drive for results.