Objective advice.

world class resources.

boutique touch.


Ten Peaks Partners is a registered investment advisory firm and fee only fiduciary. 

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Leadership Through Complexity: We take a thoughtful approach to help organizations and investors manage complexity, optimize investment returns, and align your mission with your investment decisions.

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Independent & Objective Fiduciary Partner: Many firms claim to be a fiduciary, but use loopholes to avoid their fiduciary duties. We think differently. As a fiduciary, we are committed to being an example for the industry.

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Boutique Service Backed by World Class Resources: We believe a boutique service model matched with world-class investment resources will continue to provide superior solutions for our clients.

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Client Focused Intellectual Capital: You will have access to a network of analysts and subject matter experts. We focus these investment management, compliance and operations professionals on you.

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Reduced costs: We believe paying excessive fees for average investment strategies is one of the biggest detractors of long-term performance. Clients should only pay premium fees for premium services. We are experts at knowing what's worth paying for and what's not and can help you reduce fees quickly.